When you buy our things, you’re not really buying our things.


Dear you,

I was eating a ball of melon from a fruit basket when my ten-year-old was shaping clay across the room when our powers combined.

It didn't serve a purpose. It was silly. But isn't that what play is all about?

Before Jenna and I launched this new product, we inherited a new hobby. Together.

And that's when I realized... Before the eye-rolls and the "whatevers" and the "me being so uncool" happens, I get this. And more importantly, we get this.

mojimaker isn't Christmas morning or a trip to Disney. But it's simple and it's fun and it brings us together. Like a small serving of pure joy on demand. And it fits in the kitchen drawer. 

Like I said, nobody needs shapes of food. But everybody needs to hole some fun ;-)

Love, Jody